Who we are

It was the trials and tribulations that a woman has to undergo as she steps out of her comfort zone and travels to a new destination that prompted the owners of Olive Castles to venture into PG Hostel for women. Our first PG facility was opened in Taramani in 2010 and since then we have added more branches across Chennai.

Since its modest beginnings Olive Castles has grown into a multi-branch establishment in Chennai city serving women irrespective of their place of origin, work or lifestyles. The only motivation that helped reach this far has been the commitment to see women happily take to their new environment and enjoy their stay in the city.

What we do


To be the leader in PG Hostel accommodation for women and reach the services to maximum number of deserving customers across cities and towns of Tamilnadu.


To provide a popular, safest and highly comfortable place for working women and students, while making them always feel at home.